myAlgos Platform

An integrated, collaborative environment, connecting stakeholders in healthcare

Product Features / Use Cases

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Contemporary, combined technologies (cloud, web, mobile, clinical algorithms, internet of medical things,  machine learning) are used to offer healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers a connected, cloud-based environment, where innovative, automated procedures address their own different perspectives for a shared personalized treatment plan, remote monitoring, supported self-management and enhanced communication and collaboration.




Connected Healthcare

VR-assisted Prevention

Decentralized + Hybrid Clinical Trials

e-Patient Support

Patient Empowerment

Patients are invited by their healthcare provider to register in the myAlgos Platform and download the myAlgos native mobile app (iOS & Android).

Therefore, advanced communication and collaboration with their therapists are achieved, inspiring patients to better manage their challenging health condition.

Moreover, the myAlgos mobile virtual assistant executes the monitoring and supported self-management plans assigned to each one of them by their care group.