About Us

Founded in 2017, by a medical doctor, Hermes Healthcare is a sophisticated technology company that develops breakthrough solutions in healthcare, using various technologies such as cloud computing, web, mobile. clinical algorithms, internet of medical things, and machine learning.

Hermes Healthcare Greece is a subsidiary, and member of Elevate Greece, the official public registry of the most innovative start-up technology companies in Greece.

Our Vision

Designing and developing intelligent and efficient technology in healthcare requires not only capable IT experts, but furthermore, deep knowledge and experience in the medical practice field. Hermes Healthcare’s team combines both requirements for achieving excellence in the new era of healthcare.

Our core philosophy is to provide healthcare professionals with intelligent electronic solutions, so that they perform a 5P medical practice (Predictive, Preventive, Participating, Personalized, Precision) and therefore, to deliver contemporary healthcare services to chronic disease patients.

On the other side, we aim to provide chronic patients with a sense of care and connectedness to alleviate their daily health condition burden.

Hermes Healthcare

Building Relationships in Healthcare
Improving Quality of Life