AI-based Connected Healthcare Platform

AI -Care is a cooperative,  cloud – based platform enabling users to perform preventive & precision healthcare management.            The platform empowers citizens to self-manage their health and well-being. Moreover, AI-Care is a healthcare ecosysstem connecting all stakeholders in healthcare, offering them advanced technological tools to successfully address their different needs and expectations.

It uses clinical algorithms based on patients’ essential data and machine learning to offer chronic patients, a personalized and constantly updated monitoring and treatment plan.

Healthy users are constantly screened for their health condition while receiving personalized education and recommendations related to health prevention and lifestyle.

Web App

Healthcare professionals use the AI-Care  web app to create an interdisciplinary team and collaborate to perform precision and preventive medicine.

Patient Mobile App

Patients use the AI-Care mobile app to connect with their medical team and receive a continuously updated treatment plan and support, while they convey their daily health management experience.

Caregiver Mobile App

Caregivers use a mirror application to assist patients in self-manage their health condition and additionally, communicating with the care group.

Interaction Automation Engine

Automated procedures coordinate the interaction between the platform’s users to satisfy their different perspectives. 

Algorithmic Clinical Plans

Healthcare professionals use the AI-Care clinical plans editor, to easily create customized clinical, monitoring and self-management plans for their patients.

Virtual Assistant

The AI-Care mobile virtual assistant executes the clinical plans assigned to each patient by their care group while delivering both parties the appropriate related information.

Patients/Healthy Users

Self-Managed Healthcare and Prevention Platform

AI-Care Platform provides a cooperative healthcare environment enabling Patients as well as healthy users to administer consent to healthcare professionals and ttherefore, to create their own interdisciplinary care team based on their updated selections adn needs.

Healthcare professionals of different specialties and roles, thospitals and other healthcare providers can self-register on the AI-Care ecosystem and become available to individuals seeking assistance with their healthcare issues.


Patient Empowerment

Daily Tasks

Adhere to the treatment plan by executing the associated daily tasks

Questionnaires & Screening Tests

Get essential information based on your answers to validated questionnaires & disease screening tests.

Hybrid Measurements

Enter your physiological measurements in an active or passive way (connected devices)

Educational Content

Receive personalised education prepared by your medical team

A Personalized Virtual Assistant

Get recommendations & guidance based on your own health profile

Remote Patients’ Support

Get online assistance from a member of Hermes Healthcare’s interdisciplinary team